Professional Pianist  Parker, CO

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"People and Piano are My Passion."


Cat on the Keys is available for weddings, funerals, private events, corporate events, restaurants, lounges, senior communities and churches. 

If a piano is unavailable at the venue, Cat on the Keys brings along a fantastic-sounding electric Yamaha keyboard and Bose amplifier. 

Vocals are also available by request.

Cat on the Keys

Cat started piano lessons at the age of 7 years old and continued through high school.  There were many times as a child that she cried and begged her mom to let her quit, but thankfully, her mom's will was stronger than Cat's tantrums.  Unfortunately, it wasn't long after graduating high school, that Cat did put aside playing piano.  

It was in the Summer of 2012, after a profound conversation with a stranger, who asked: "what is something that you want to do for yourself?"  when Cat realized her desire was to play piano again.   Not only did she desire to play piano, but to perform and bring beautiful music to others. 

Out of this experience at age 37,  Cat's passion finally came into formation:  "For me the piano is an instrument I use as a medium to connect with others.  People and Piano are My Passion!"

About Denver Metro Pianist, Cat on the Keys