"Music is the universal language of mankind."

 Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

​​About Me

My Mission

  • St. Pius X Catholic Church
  • Officers Club Lowry
  • Charlie Brown's Piano Bar & Cocktail Lounge
  • Nonna's Italian Bistro
  • Cheluna Brewing Company
  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Trapper's Chop House
  • Madden Museum/Palazzo Verdi
  • Parker Senior Living
  • Lincoln Meadows Senior Living
  • Woolley's Classic Suites
  • Vines Wine Bar
  • Deep Space Event Center & Lounge
  • The Perfect Landing
  • Jordan Senior Living
  • Vi at Highlands Ranch
  • Lone Tree Golf Club and Hotel
  • Dagotto's Panini Bistro
  • Corporate Events and Holiday Parties
  • Weddings and Private Events

As a pianist, my aim is to provide beautiful, ambient music for your wedding, private event, lounge, restaurant, senior community, or any event that calls for live piano music.  

My style incorporates pop hits and standards from the 40's through current.  If I was a radio station, I would be easy-listening pop, playing many of the tunes that you know and love.

No Piano?  No Problem!  I have a great-sounding portable, electric Yamaha keyboard and amplifier available.


Catherine "Cat" Paz

Photos of Cat Paz 

Pianist in Denver

People and Piano are my Passion!

I started taking piano lessons when I was about 7 years old.  I experienced the weekly piano lessons, daily practice which I disliked, and the typical recitals of all the piano teacher's students.  I begged my mom to let me quit, but now I am SO grateful that she didn't concede to my tears or tantrums.

My first job when I was 15 was playing piano for the Christmas parties and Sunday church services at a local senior home.  By that time, I was pleased that I was able to earn spending money playing piano.  I also played piano in the Baptist church and private school that I attended in San Diego.

Fast forward to my life as an adult when I married at 21 and moved to Denver.  I didn't have a piano at home, and didn't think much about playing one as I became involved with family, work, friends and life in general.  

In the Summer of 2012, I had a profound conversation with a stranger, and I remember she asked me, "what is something that you want to do  for yourself?"  "Play piano again" was my instant reply.  Not more than a week or two after that, I sought out an acquaintance who is a talented piano teacher and performer, and I took several lessons from him with the goal of learning to play pop music.  The music theory and fundamentals that I learned as a child had stuck and I was able to build on that foundation to play music that I enjoy.

Playing for my own pleasure was not enough for me however, which is why  I choose to seek opportunities and venues where I can play piano for others to enjoy as well.